Update of ATS/ERS standardisation of the single breath uptake of CO in the lung

Chairs: Brian Graham & Brendan Cooper

In 2005 the ATS/ERS task force on standardisation of lung function testing published the document: Standardisation of the single-breath determination of carbon monoxide uptake in the lung.

While these standards addressed some aspects of the use of rapidly responding gas analysers, they were also a bridge to previous standards dealing with older equipment that used physical sample collection techniques. With advances in technology, particularly in rapidly responding gas analysers, the goal of this project is to meet the need to develop standards and technical specifications for DLCO/TLCO testing equipment currently being produced which will also guide the development of new systems.

The objective is to produce an update of the ATS/ERS standards for the measurement of the single breath uptake of carbon monoxide in the lung applicable to the use of rapidly responding gas analysers.