Understanding of and Adherence to International Guidelines in the Management of Stable Asthma by Non-Specialists. Indications for Specialist Referral

Chairs: Alexander Mathioudakis, Olympia Tsilochristou and Janson Christer

Asthma is still characterized by preventable morbidity and mortality, which is enhanced by poor adherence to international asthma guidelines. This task force will have two axons:

  1. We will systematically review the literature, in order to find a)previous studies and audits assessing the understanding of and adherence to the international asthma guidelines and whether any interventions were suggested in order to improve the quality of care and b) studies assessing whether different thresholds of referral to the respiratory team improved the quality of care.
  2. We will develop, validate and distribute a short online questionnaire to assess the understanding of and adherence to international guidelines among the different specialties (e.g. respiratory physicians versus general physicians and/or general practitioners) across Europe. Multiple choice questions will be used to assess the approach to simple and frequent clinical scenarios in patients with asthma. The approach to the diagnosis, assessment and management of stable asthma, as well as the management of acute asthma exacerbations will be assessed.

All data will be combined and analyzed and if significant diversity is highlighted, we will decide whether these differences could be narrowed by further training or whether an earlier input by respiratory physicians may be considered.