Exhaled biomarkers in lung disease

Chairs: I. Horvath & P.Barnes

Breath chemical tests consist of wide variety of measurements from the FDA approved exhaled nitric oxide (FENO) measurement to volatile organic compound determination and non-volatile biomarker profiling in the cooled breath sample called exhaled breath condensate (EBC).

Being completely non-invasive, sampling of the breath allows clinicians and researchers to assess different body functions in flexible manner, even in very severe patients and repeated with short time intervals. Several volatile and non-volatile constituents are present in trace amount making their detection a challenging task. Application of highly sensitive cutting edge technologies for sample analysis provides firm background for proper evaluation of this type of human samples and offer great potential for the field of exhaled biomarker profiling. The Task Force aims to provide a platform for discussions on the field concentrating on methodology and to put together recommendations for standardisation of sample collection, evaluation of different analytic approaches and defining areas where further research is required. Such approach served the community well (i.e FENO and EBC Task Forces) and helped the scientific community, but there are many new developments in this field. It is timely to provide a set of recommendations and technical evaluation for the field and to highlight future research priorities.