Exercise training and rehabilitation in patients with severe chronic pulmonary hypertension

Chairs: Ekkehard GrĂ¼nig and Andrew Peacock

Due to the severity of the disease, patients with pulmonary hypertension are in need of a thoroughly monitored rehabilitation program which is supervised by pulmonary hypertension experts.

Training   modalities,   individual   adaptation   and   the   optimal   setting   for   this  multidisciplinary treatment have to be carefully planned and  adjusted to the different locations. This task force aims to:

  • Increase the number of centres who offer a specialized rehabilitation program for pulmonary hypertension in Europe;
  • Increase patient access to rehabilitation and exercise training:
  • Increase availability and amount of payer funding:
  • Enhance knowledge and awareness among patients, healthcare providers and payers;
  • Coordinate research activities to investigate the effects of exercise training in PH.