ERS Statement on Respiratory Muscle Testing at Rest and during Exercise

Chairs: Samuel Verges and Pierantonio Laveneziana

Respiratory muscle function is a major clinical concern not only for respiratory diseases but also for neuromuscular disorders, intensive care or sports medicine for instance. Respiratory muscle testing is therefore of critical importance for patient diagnosis, follow-up and for evaluating the effect of various interventions aiming to improve the respiratory function. 

In 2001, an ATS/ERS statement provided a first overview on theoretical and practical aspects of respiratory muscle testing that still represents the main international recommendations in the field. Fifteen years after this statement, a number of new scientific and clinical updates are to be performed in order to provide clinicians and scientists with the latest knowledge on this topic. Furthermore, imaging technologies provide important insight into the respiratory muscles while respiratory muscle assessment during exercise testing is an important evaluation to integrate respiratory muscle function, cardiovascular function, sensations and exercise tolerance. Hence, the present project proposes to involve experts in the field of respiratory medicine and physiology in order to establish an updated ERS task force on respiratory muscle testing at rest and during exercise based on the latest data published in international peer reviewed articles.