Assessment of pulmonary exercise hemodynamics

Chairs: Horst Olschewski & Philippe Hervé

The assessment of pulmonary exercise hemodynamics provides important clinical information in patients with respiratory and cardiac diseases. Alterations may represent early forms of pulmonary vascular diseases or latent pulmonary and cardiac dysfunction. An increasing number of studies dealing with pulmonary exercise hemodynamics have been performed in recent years.


However, in several aspects like the indication for exercise hemodynamic examinations or the criteria of a pathologic response and its clinical relevance in different patient groups there is no general consensus among experts and the available data are partly confusing. Therefore the goal of this planned Task Force is to review the available literature and to assess the scientific evidence in the field of pulmonary exercise hemodynamics, focusing on the following topics: assessment of pulmonary exercise hemodynamics in healthy subjects, in patients at risk for pulmonary hypertension, in patients with manifest pulmonary hypertension, and in patients with cardiac and/or pulmonary diseases.